Cad Editor

eCam is not indented to be a full CAD system, but with the available tools is possible draw basic profiles or do some little edits to imported 2D geometries.

Create 2D entities

Under MENU > CAD TOOLS are available all the commands below.

You can create simple entities as lines and circles or create fast shape to handle more common profiles .

The geometry will be created in the current active workplane

The active workplane it's visible in the main menu.

You can change the active workplane it by clicking in the "Active" column of the workplane grid.

2D Edit tools

The methods to edit the existing geometry are under MENU > CAD TOOLS > 2D Edit tools.

Is possible edit only CAD entities, not FAST SHAPE.

You can convert FAST SHAPE in CAD TOOLS and then apply the cad modifiers.

To edit you need to select the 2D cad entities from the active workplane, input the parameter from edit screen and then press [OK - Accept edit] .

Edit existing 2D entities and fast shape

When you have selected a single entity , you can edit it pressing the button above the viewport.

In the image above a circle is selected, the edit button now show : Edit : Circle Ø42mm .

If you press the EDIT button , the related circle edit screen will appear on the left side of the application.

Make your edits and press OK to updated the geometry.

If any machining operations is linked with that geometry , the toolpath will be updated.

The button will be not available if you have multiple entities selected , be sure to have the chain selection off

Press ESC to reset the selection and select a single entity.

Trim tool 2D

You can find TRIM command in the main toolbar or under MENU -> CAD TOOLS -> Trim 

You can use this command in 2 ways.

  1. Click directly on the element you need to trim
  2. Keep pressed mouse left button and hover the elements to trim. 

See video below for reference.

Move 3D entities

Is not possible create or edit 3D models. Is possible move and scale them with dedicated tools.

From MENU > CAD TOOLS > 3D Edit tools.

Is possible align the model by a face, rotate , translate and scale the 3D model.

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