Fast Shape

Fast shapes are useful to create common profiles with few parameters instead of creating them with cad tools.

Adding Fast Shape

You can add a Fast shape in 2 ways.

1) Just select the desired shape during the machining selection :

2) From machining geometry menu , select [Add Geometry] and then the shape to add.

It will shown the related input screen .

The input screen is the same used to input cad geometry when called from main menu.

When created from machining menu, the profiles will be keeped in screen as a single block .

Edit Fast Shape

One of the pros of using this type of geometry definition, is the ability to edit easily.

The associated toolpath will be regenerated automatically.

To edit the shape from machining screen, click on indicated button in image below.

Or you can select it from main screen and press the EDIT button .

The shape input screen will appear , make the edits and press OK to update it.

Convert to CAD entities

If needed, is possible convert the fast shape in simple cad entities like arc, lines and circles .

With the fast shape selected, click on dropdown button (1) and click  CONVERT TO CAD ENTITIES (2) 

Now you can use tools like trim or cad modifiers with generated entities.

Fast shape list

Here listed all the available shapes.

Milling Shapes:

Drilling Shapes:

  • Circle
  • Rectangle
  • Coordinate XY
  • Coordinate Angle - Radius
  • Line Pattern
  • Arc Pattern

Turning Shapes:

Groove Shapes :

  • Rectangular Profile
  • V-Shape Profile

Delete Shape

To delete the shape completely , select it from 3D screen and press DELETE button from keyboard.

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