What's new in Version 5

For existing users of ecam , here a list of changes made in v5, you can find more infos and explanations in dedicated pages of the documentation.

Step , IGES , SVG , PDF file import

Is now possible works with 3D model imported from STEP and IGES files. Is also possible import plain 2D geometry from SVG and PDF files.

Stock Simulation

Improved both quality and speed of static stock simulation and live machining simulation. Different colors of machined part are keeped also in static stock simulation.

New Feature : Workplanes

It's something similar to layers or sketches sytem you can find in other software.

The workplane can used to define a new WCS or a tool orientation and to draw 2D geometry in with a defined origin and orientation. 

New Feature : Tool orientation

With this feature is possible define the tool orientation in machine that support it ad 4th and 5th axis mill machines and lathes with Y axis.

New Feature : Basic support for cutting machine

Added a minimal support for cutting machine like laser / plasma / waterjet machines.

New Feature : Analyze screen

Is possible measure the 3D and 2D entities.

New Feature : Selection sub-curve

After profile selection, you can create a subcurve from that selection by picking the start and end point .

Changed behaviour : Define machining levels

Previously was only possible to define the machining levels with absolute distance from origin point.

Now is possible define the machining levels by relative distance from a certain feature, as "From Top Stock" , "From Bottom Stock" , "From Mouse Snapped Point" and so on.

The software will calculate the distance from origin point to write in output gcode.

Treeview item improvement

The setup related items are grouped with a side line , if the setup is active , the grouping line is highlighted in red.


More info on nesting

Stock Definition improvement

In the stock definition screen is shown also the stock weight . When the 3D part model is also available is shown also it's weight based on selected material.

Removed feature : Stock positioning

It's been replaced by the posibility to define SETUP WCS in 3D space . On previous version file import , the stock positioning informations, if available,  will be converted in setup WCS .

Removed feature : Cube view

To get similar result , rotate the 3D scene with mouse and the click [Nearest Ortographic 2D View] button to move the camera view to desidered 2D ortographic view.

Changed behaviours :
  • In previous version, it was possible move the Setup WCS only in 2D direction. Now it possible define the setup origin point and axis z orientation (WCS) in every position and orientation.
  • The stock dimension was defined by the first setup item of the project. Now it's not linked to any setup . This allows you to change the order of the setups
  • It was possible select only 2 working plane (XZ for lathe and XY for milling enviroment) , now it's possible to define unlimited working planes.
  • It's possible group the geometries in working planes, similar ways of layer system you may in common cad system.
  • The toolpath cloning system can rotate a toolpath also by custom revolution axis. So you can repeat operations in different angles around a cylinder. Useful for Y Axis machine /  4th and 5th axis machines.

Mill module

  • Milling overhang mode. Now it 's a dedicated machining operation.
  • It's possible define if the offset profile as closed (to create or ring seat , for example) or open , if you need to machine only a defined material thickness from selection.
  • Solved several bugs in profile area selection. Previously some selected zones was skipped from toolpath calculation.
  • Suspended containement and fixture definition area.
  • Axis - C Drilling -> Fixed the bug with tool wrong orientation if the tool was below the revolution axis.
  • Is possible define tool holder for drills and mills tools.
  • Approached 3D milling toolpath , see here
  • Supported up to 10 pass in thread milling operation.

Lathe Module

  • Face turning , is possible define the working levels by relative levels. So ,for example, it will read the material thickness to remove from stock definition.
  • Faster stock simulation if also milling operations are machined.
  • Dedicate lathe WCS selection. The software it will read the part model length from stock definition. It's enough for the user to choose if he want to work the front side or back side of the part.
  • Added an option to invert X Axis orientation for visualization. Several lathe machines has the turret position in opposite side respect to the one visualized in software. With this option you can syncronize the view as your machine. The lathe machine still work in the X+ area, this is just a visualization issue.

Open project files from older version

Is possible open project files from older version. Contact support if the project file is not opened correctly . Due to some breaking changes in this version, compatibily with project files created with older version of the software is not always guaranteed .

At first application start, the software will search if you have existent data folder of previous version 4.x . If this folder is available , it will clone that folder as v5.x folder. In this way you can use all the data created with previous version , like tool table, thread table , custom manual code , post processor and so on.

It will clone this folder :

C:\Users\<user-name>\Documents\ECAM V4

into this :

C:\Users\<user-name>\Documents\ECAM V5

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