With the nesting feature, is possible fit multiple profiles in a defined area.

To open NESTING screen ,  from Menu > Generic Cutting > Nesting

Here you need to define the sheet and part profiles before start calculating the nesting.

Is possible define the sheet profile by :

- Current stock bounding rectangle

- From geometry selection.

To define the parts you need to machine, click on "Pick part profiles" and select the closed profiles.

From the treeview , if you select a row , the related shape is highlighted.

You can increase the required quantity of that part.

You can already start the nesting calculation.

The calculation keep going until  :

  1. You manually press STOP CALCULATION
  2. The algorithm detect no other possible solution
  3. You close the nesting screen .

In the RESULT tab you can see :

Nesting solution : The best generated solution . You can use the combo box to navigate them.

Positioned Part : It indicated how many parts are placed. Sometimes is not possible fit all the requested part.

Sheet created : In the geometry screen, you can define how many sheet you want to use.

Show solution sheet : If you use setted multiple sheet, it visualize on screen the current sheet solution.

After nesting calculation is stopped ,  you can create geometry or machining .

It will be created a different layer for each generated sheet.

You can see the generated layer from MENU > Drawing planes 

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