Generic cutting module

With the version 5.x , it's been added also a minimal support to cutting machines (  laser , waterjet , plasma , ..) 

The selected profiles are offseted by the kerf width , then they are processed to detect the outer profile and related inner pocket. 

From post processor dialog , is possible customize G-Code for turning on and off the torch between machined profiles.

Contact the support if you need more info or ask a new feature for this module. 

On the basis of user feedback, priority will be given to the development of the new options of this module.

Machining parameter 

From edit screen , is possible edit these parameter :

- Starting points 

- Lead In / Lead Out movements ( Tangent arc , Perpendicular, Slant line , Extension )

- Overlap on closed profiles.

Extension Lead in / Lead Out

Is possible get the lead in / lead out movements in the corner , like in the image below .

You need to select "Extension" as lead movement type , and defining the starting points, selecting a point near the corner you want to start the machining. 

Clone toolpath array

As in the milling module, also for cutting operations is possible apply the [ clone toolpath array ] feature . More info here .

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