V5 Changelog

Here the newly released version with a description of changes or solved bugs

Newly added feature are more subject to have some bugs, please report if you find any

build 277

From build 275 the graphic library has been updated to the latest version . To carry out this update many features of the software were affected. If you find any unusual behaviour , report it to support. Thanks.

  • Improved 3D step file importer.
  • Generic cutting module > fixed lead in / lead out arc movement user defined value.
  • Fixed destination plane with SVG file import.
  • Update DE localization

build 273

  • Mill Module > Cut Operation - Fixed issue with offset method.
  • Update ES localization

build 272

  • Mill Module > Cut Operation - Fixed issue with manual holding tab position selection.

build 271

  • The method to create turnable profile recognize compatible tabulated faces.
  • Update NL localization
  • Turning Module > Improved entry diameter definition with full profile selection + limit enabled

build 269

  • Code Generation : Fixed issue with left-hand tapping macro selection
  • Mill Module : Fixed issue with geoemtry chain creation

build 267

  • Update turkish dictionary
  • Fixed text field issue in 3D positioning screen
  • Tool store - Fixed action for create a new counterbore
  • 3D Milling - Is possible define milling direction 

build 266

  • Minor improvement in SNAP to 3D model edge endline point.

build 265

build 263

  • Lathe Module -> fixed issue with tool radius compensation and direction 8 of the tool

build 261

  • Mill Module  > fixed center arc coordinate issue in GCode

build 259

  • Generic cutting module : Fixed bug in profile sorting order.

build 258

  • Update DE localization
  • Mill Module > Fixed bug with entry points feature.
  • Mill Module > Fixed bug in face mill operation with traditional cycle.
  • Generic cutting module > Fixed feed and license permission issues.
  • G-Code creation fixed issue with manual g code and tool summary issue.
  • Lathe module > fixed issue with default Z direction.

build 257

  • Fixed bug with Slot-D fast shape drawed not in XY plane.

build 256

  • Updated Italian localization

build 255

  • Updated NL localization
  • Fixed coordinate visualization in lathe radial Y axis operation simulation

build 254

  • 4th axis operations  : Showed the calculated WCS used in gcode generation instead of WCS selected by user.

build 253

build 249

  • Bugfix in turnable profile extraction from 3D model

build 248

  • Updated Chinese localization
  • Bug fix in clone toolpath feature , when setup z direction is flipped.
  • Lathe module > bug fix in cut-off operation . Happened with no tool corner radius and fillet applied on part.
  • Lathe module > Improved profile limit feature with Z+ Z- direction.
  • Update Chinese localization
  • Text engraving - fixed issue with B and 8 chars.
  • Mill Module > Chamfering machining : Is now possible select the side of the tool.
  • Lathe module - Fixed groove finishing operation issue
  • Cad Module - Fixed angular and grid snap when not in XY plane.

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