V5 Changelog

Here the newly released version with a description of changes or solved bugs

Newly added feature are more subject to have some bugs, please report if you find any

build 267

  • Update turkish dictionary
  • Fixed text field issue in 3D positioning screen
  • Tool store - Fixed action for create a new counterbore
  • 3D Milling - Is possible define milling direction 

build 266

  • Minor improvement in SNAP to 3D model edge endline point.

build 265

build 263

  • Lathe Module -> fixed issue with tool radius compensation and direction 8 of the tool

build 261

  • Mill Module  > fixed center arc coordinate issue in GCode

build 259

  • Generic cutting module : Fixed bug in profile sorting order.

build 258

  • Update DE localization
  • Mill Module > Fixed bug with entry points feature.
  • Mill Module > Fixed bug in face mill operation with traditional cycle.
  • Generic cutting module > Fixed feed and license permission issues.
  • G-Code creation fixed issue with manual g code and tool summary issue.
  • Lathe module > fixed issue with default Z direction.

build 257

  • Fixed bug with Slot-D fast shape drawed not in XY plane.

build 256

  • Updated Italian localization

build 255

  • Updated NL localization
  • Fixed coordinate visualization in lathe radial Y axis operation simulation

build 254

  • 4th axis operations  : Showed the calculated WCS used in gcode generation instead of WCS selected by user.

build 253

build 249

  • Bugfix in turnable profile extraction from 3D model

build 248

  • Updated Chinese localization
  • Bug fix in clone toolpath feature , when setup z direction is flipped.
  • Lathe module > bug fix in cut-off operation . Happened with no tool corner radius and fillet applied on part.
  • Lathe module > Improved profile limit feature with Z+ Z- direction.

build 246

  • Update Chinese localization
  • Text engraving - fixed issue with B and 8 chars.
  • Mill Module > Chamfering machining : Is now possible select the side of the tool.

build 241

  • Lathe module - Fixed groove finishing operation issue
  • Cad Module - Fixed angular and grid snap when not in XY plane.

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