Indexed 4th axis rotary table

From v.5 build 253

This is a new feature. Ask help to support in case of issues. 

In this page it's described a sample usage with no imported geometry.

Use the component 3D model when available. 

It will be more easy define the tool orientation and setup WCS positon.

First create a project for vertical mill with rotary table .

From MENU > MILL  > New Setup

Select 4th axis mill ( mill with rotary table) .

By convention , the required setup WCS origin point has to be on to the rotary revolution axis and in front of the component.

The setup Z direction will be the rotary angle ZERO.

Click on [Front Side] button.

Currently is only supported revolution around X axis .

If your machine has different configuration , please send an email to support.

Define Stock

In the next screen is asked to define stock dimension. You can leave the default values.

Define workplane for side machining

Now is necessary define a workplane for lateral side of the component part.

Click [Add new] from workplane grid.

You can define the workplane as you prefer.

For example you can use the Cylinder-Angle method.

Draw a simple circle in newly created plane.

Add Machining operation

Add a pocket machining operation .

From Menu > Mill > Pocket > Select existing geometry.

Enable the Tool Orientation feature and selected the previously created workplane.


Only the Z direction of the tool orientation will be used to calculate the rotary table angle . 

The tool orientation X and Y directions will be ignored.

The coordinate origin point will be always the setup WCS

Then enable the geometry selection and select the circle.

You can already generated gcode to see the defined rotary table angle code.

Clone toolpath

If you need to repeat the same machining around the part, you can use the clone toolpath feature. See dedicated documentation page for more info.

Edit workplane

You can edit the workplane plane, select it and press edit.

Set 45° angle and press ok.

All the geometry and related machining will be now updated.

GCode consideration

The output gcode is very similar to common vertical mill gcode.

In necessary define the brake on/off command , if brake is available on machine.

The rotary angle code is inserted by the tag :  {OPERATION_AXIS_A_ANGLE_CODE}

Here the [Operation Head Code] template :


Here the [Operation Head Code (without toolchange)] template :


Here a backplot of gcode generated by

Here the project file :

Here you can download the project file.

Here the post processor file used in this project .

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