Tool orientation

Feature available from version 5.x

When the CNC machine support INDEXED MACHINING, is possible define a tool orientation for specific operation in order to work in multiple faces in same setup cycle.

In the setup screen you need to select a compatible machine type .

The machines that support the tool orientation are :

- Lathe with CY Axis , see dedicated article 

- Mill with 4 axis 

- Mill with 5 axis 

Once you selected one of this machine, 5 Axis Mill for example , press OK until you get to the HOME SCREEN.

Now add a [Face Mill] operation.

From the operation screen is visible the [Tool Orientation] feature.

You can define the tool orientation in the same ways you define the setup WCS, by associating to an existing workplane or define a new workplane.

Enable the [Define tool orientation] > Check [Define new workplane] and click on Edit workplane.

The screen to define the tool orientation is the same used to define WCS or Sketch workplane .

Define the workplane as showed in image below.

If available , use the 3D model of the component .

It will speed up all the program generation and will far easier to define the origin point and orientation.

Press OK until you get in HOME screen.

The face milling operation will be orientated with defined coordinate system , see image .

Meanwhile the setup ZERO point is still unchanged, see image.

Output GCODE

The required post processor customization it's different from machine to machine.

Send me the precise output code your machine require to move the origin coordinate position. I'll try to help you get working g-code-

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