Clone toolpath array

With this feature is possible apply transformationsto toolpaths in order to duplicate the same toolpath in different position. 

You can apply this transformations  only to milling or cutting operations.

From Menu -> Mill ->  [ CLONE TOOLPATH ARRAY ] , to add a dedicated item to treeview.

Then drag inside this item the operations you need to clone in multiple position. See video below.

You can use the [arrow down] and [arrow up] buttons from operation menu to adjust operations order , or you can simply drag the items with mouse.

The available pattern are CIRCULAR and GRID . 

If you want just group operations , you can set ONLY GROUP .

Here the sample project with 3 operations.  Drilling,  pocket roughing and chamfering. 


If you need to repeat toolpath around a pivot point, set [Mode] to CIRCULAR.

Then you can set related property to obtain what you need. The toolpath resulting is update immediately in viewport.


If you need to move toolpath along a 1 or 2 linear axis , set [Mode] to GRID.

You can edit the axis angle and linear spacing between toolpath clones.

Only Group

Select this mode if you want just to group some operations in order to have a clearer home treeview

Nested clone toolpath array

Is possible combine multiple transformation.

To get this just drag the clone toolpath item into another clone toolpath item.

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