Define Setup WCS

The WCS ( WORK COORDINATE SYSTEM ) is the origin of the coordinate system that will be used in machine with coordinate X0 Y0 Z0 .

Sometimes can be referred also as PART ZERO.

It's the point you are going to set as part zero in machine controller and call it from G-Code with usually G54 / G55 / G56 and so on.

Usually a presetter is used to define precisely this point in machine.

The WCS is defined at setup level.. 

The WCS should be not confused with the TOOL ORIENTATION feature. 

When you start a new project and add new setup , the WCS will be the world zero point .

Like this :

The output gcode will be use that point as coordinate zero.

Define custom WCS

If you need to move the Setup WCS in another position,  enable the [Define Setup WCS] property from the setup edit screen.

Now you can select an existing workplane coordinate system or define a new workplane .

Select [Define new workplane] then [Edit workplane]

To define completely the origin you need to select the ORIENTATION and ORIGIN POINT POSITION .

The ORIENTATION, showed in red , will be the tool direction.

The  ORIGIN POINT POSITION , will be the ZERO coordinate point.

You have several modes to define both of this properties.

If I don't need to define the tool orientation I leave DEFAULT ORIENTATION mode.

See the red Axis Z direction will not change.

I just want to move the origin point in the top-left corner of square geometry, so from "ORIGIN POINT POSITION" i choose point selection and i click in top-left corner.

Click [OK] 2 times to return to HOME screen.

Now I can see the WCS origin it's been moved from the world zero to the selected point.

The toolpath will use that point as origin coordinate system.

You can see this change in simulation tool coordinates and in the generated gcode.

Lathe coordinate system

Take a look at dedicated article to define WCS in lathe setup kind.

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