Offline License Activation

If you need to run ecam in a pc not connected to internet, is necessary create a license file .

Is possible generate offline license file only for valid purchased key for version 4 and 5 of the software.

Is not possible create license file for demo extension key.

With offline license is not possible move the license from pc to another like you do with default activation mode

From Menu -> File -> License to open license dialog.

Be sure you have inserted purchased activation code.

Now click on [Offline License] , insert your mail address and press [Create offline license request]

After clicking on [Create offline license request] this confirm message will appear.

Now on your desktop you have file named :  Offline_License_Request.json
Send this file to You can use also the contact form on this site to upload this file.

Within 24 hours you'll receive , on indicated mail address, the license file named Key.Json
Put the key file into this folder :  C:\Users\<user-name>\Documents\ECAM V5\Data  
Or, from license dialog , press [Offline License] , drag and drop the file in " Drag Key.Json here" area.

You can also use the [Select File] action to import the Key.Json file.

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