License System

Purchased license are lifetime. This software is not based on subscription model system ( That mean you pay just the first time and there will be no additional cost ).

You are elegible to all the update and bug fixes released for purchased version.

To enter your activation code or trial extension code, first open the license key dialog.

From Menu -> File -> License

If you have the code copied to clipboard, you can press [Paste] button to paste code in textbox.

Press [OK] to start activation procedure.

You need internet connection to activate license . See section below for offline activation.

How many PC i can activate ?

You can activate 1 pc per activation code. If you need multiple to activate multiple instance see last paragraphof this page

Move license to another pc

If you want to move your license to a new pc, you need first to deactivate current pc . Use [Deactivate PC] to deactivate un-link activation code from old pc. See image below.

Once the deactivation is completed you can use your serial on new pc.

This procedure is indicated when you need to switch from an older pc to a new pc.

If you need 2 or more pc with activated instance in the same time, you need to purchase an additional license. See related section on purchase page.

Offline license can't be moved to another pc.

Unlicensed Instance

Activation is necessary only to generate g-code . You can create or edit project file also with unlicensed instance and generate g-code with the activated instance.

Offline Activation

See related article 


In both offline and online activaton process, the activation code is linked to unique pc id.

This mean if you change machine hardware , the license system may detect a different pc and not activate the license. 

You can use the deactivation procedure first to not get any issue or ask support to move the license to another pc.

In case of Windows reinstallation, nothing change on hardware side so you don't get any issue.

If you have some issue within activation procedure , and pc hardware is not changed , try again with disabled antivirus . If this solve. put eCam in antivirus whitelist.

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