Post Processor FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions related to post-processor

Is possible customize the output gcode ?

Yes, for more info see this page

Is available the post processor for "XYZ" machine ?

All the available post-processor are listed in post-processor download page .

If it's not there, is necessary to edit or create a new post-processor. 

See links at footer page for more info on post configuration.

How much cost post processor customization ?

I don't provide post processor customization service.

My machine doesn't work with gcode . Can you help?

I can try.

Send detailed information :

-  The exact gcode part where the machine stops or give you an error message.

>>> Don't send the whole gcode file since it's not helpful. <<<

- The machine error message and the gcode the machine needs.

- Indicate any formatting gcode requirements.


If the machine can't process correctly drilling macro. 

First, try to edit the [Drilling Template] from post edit dialog. 

If you can't solve send the current gcode and the gcode you need. 

Just the code related to macro. 

How can i know the gcode works ok with my machine ?

You can use the machine integrated graphical simultation and make some dry run test .

Don't run untested gcode directly on the part without proper testing.

I can't open or read the output gcode file with my machine. Why?

Most probably CNC machines require particular file specifications.

For example an exact file extension or some special char in the header or footer of the gcode file.

You can find what the machine needs, by looking at some working file or reading the requirements from machine/controller manual.

Once you find what's wrong, edit the [Head New Program] and [End Program] templates. Edit also the file extension property, always from the post edit dialog.

How to customize drilling macro ?

See related page

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