Mach 3 Lathe Guidelines

For security reason, consider all the informations below as not tested.

You need to check several property on Mach Turn controller configuration.

1) Set Diametral Mode 

From Menu -> Config -> Port and Pins -> Turn Options tab

Set X Mode as [Diameter] and uncheck [Reversed Arc's in Front Post] . See image below

2) Define Machine Home

This can be done from Menu -> Config -> Homing/Limits

The values to insert here depends on your machine configuration. 

Search more information on related documentation of Mach Controller Manual.

Define Machine Home Position is necessary to use tool disengagement movement like " G91 G28 X0. Z0. " .

3) Check XZ Plane

From Menu -> Config -> General Config

Check "Active Plane of Movement" is set to [X-Z] and "IJ mode" is set to [INC]. 

These are default value for Mach Turn setting. Just check it's all ok.

4) Use Mach3 Lathe Post Processor

Click here to download Mach3 post processor for lathe. Take a look related link to see how add post processor.

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