Manual Code

With [Manual Code] operation , is possible add manual text in output g-code program.

Load Template : Load existing gcode.

Description : It's the name of current template . It's used as identifier when you need to save , load or delete a template.

Insertion Mode :: Write only g-code : In output gcode related to this operation, you get the inputed text without any other command.

Insertion Mode :: Call Tool + Manual Code : In output g-code related to this operation , you get also the tool change and tool disengament logic.

Save Template : Save the current text as template. You can find it in template list after this.

Delete Template : It will delete the related template from list.

G-Code Text : It's the manual g.code text you are going to add in output code.

Note : The "manual g.code" operation is just to add plain gcode to ouput text.

Simulation of this operation is not meant to be good , it will read only linear movements.

Macro , M-Codes , CRC compensation or other commands are not elaborated.

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