Adaptive Toolpath Strategy

The adaptive toolpath strategy is a high efficency roughing strategy available for milling operations.

It's considered a high efficency because it can easily extend your tool life using a different path compared to the traditional OFFSET strategy.

  • The tool never work on full load.
  • Tool wear distributed uniformly along the flute
  • Less power needed from machine
  • It never exceed tool engament angle, in this way on the tool is never "overloaded" with material to remove
  • It's not necessary have particular machines to get benefits of this
To select it , choose "ADAPTIVE" for the strategy property , under the roughing operation.

This is the common default OFFSET toolpath. In indicated point the tool work almost at full cut and there is a big engagement angle.

This one is the toolpath generated with ADAPTIVE strategy . You can see the tool works with constant load and never exceed a high engagement angle. In this way you can use deeper passes in order to distribuite the force all along the flute.

If you need more information about this strategy , you can search "HIGH SPEED MACHINING" on Google , or take a look at this post :
If you work wood or plastic material, this strategy doesn't provide any benefits compared to the traditional offset strategy

How to change feed value to link moves ?

From version

You can edit the default feed in link moves from post processor dialog.

1) Select the Machine Properties tab

2) Search "adaptive"

3) Insert your custom value. Leave 0 to use the fabric default value.

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