Plunge Angle Compensation

Is possible to compensate the machined profile based on tool plunge capabilities.

Sometimes you can import turning profile with pockets, by default no check are performed.

So you can have some scenario like in the image below, where the tool collide with profile.

To overcome this problem is possible to select different plunge modes.

  • Free
  • By Tool Geometry
  • Don't Plunge

Free mode

The profile are not manipulated and no check are performed , is the default mode.

By Tool Geometry

The profile is compensated with the max plunge angle of the tool , increased by 3° .

Don't plunge

In this mode , pocketing is not enabled. The profile is compensated in this way :

Edit plunge angle

You can adjust tool orientation from tool geometry parameter.

Enable [Edit Plunge Angle] and then edit the [Additional plunge angle]

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