Toolpath Simulation

Is possible get the simulation of generated toolpath with the command "Simulation"

From Menu -> Simulation , or press F6 from keyboard.

Here the simulation side screen.

With simulation control you can single-step forward or backward.

Pause and continue simulation

With this control you can increment simulation speed. Drag the cursor with mouse

This slider stand for the current operation timeline, you can drag the cursor forward or backward.

Tool Mode : is possible show the tool with trasparency or hide it completely

Continue with next operation : If checked, at the end of an operation simulation, the next operation is played. Otherwise the animation is stopped. Use the 2 button to go to next or previous operation manually.

Show complete toolpath : If checked, all the movements of current operation are shown .By default , just a the last part of the toolpath is visualized . The length of this visualized toolpath is determined by the property "Toolpath length".

Stock Simulation : If checked, the material removal simulation is shown. This option might impact on performance.

Stop on Collision : When a rapid collision is detected, the animation is paused on collision event. This option , is enabled only when the stock simulation is active.

Information : Current tool position and cut data parameter are visible in the lower part of the screen.

To get better perfomance on pc with limited hardware you can :

  • Disable [Stock Simulation] . Only movements are showed 
  • Enable [Skip Intermediate Position] . Only momements endpoints are visualized

It's not detected any collision between tool and fixture or tailstock.

Also very high feed work movements into stock are not detected.

Only rapid movements into stock are detected as collision.

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