Fix Language Dialog

If you see something wrong with user interface localization , you can send correction with dedicated dialog.

Download latest software version from website. In this way you don't fix something maybe already fixed.
Be sure to have changed the interface language to your language. See "How to change language" for more info.
From Menu -> File -> Fix Dictionary . Use the [SEARCH] textbox to find the words you want fix.
Insert correct translation in the 3rd column .
Press [Send Proposed Translation] this will send the edited rows to support mail. The application dictionary will be updated with your suggestion in the next software update.

Or just [Save and close] to save current work and continue later.

Note :

Is necessary internet connection to send the dictionary

If you don't have it, the file is saved in this folder "C:\Users\<user-name>\Documents\ECAM V5\CustomLocalization" , you can send the file to support mail manually

For better usability, from V5.x you can set side by side the Fix Dialog and eCam windows so you can continue navigate ecam screens without closing the fix dictionary and keep updating the dictionary .

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