Operation Treeview

In the HOME screen, are visible all the project machining operations.

They are visualized in a tree format like this.

  • Parent Setup
    • Operation
      • Operation Tool

Error Message

When the toolpath generation fail , hover with mouse the warning icon to get more information about the error.

You can have information about error message also in related work view, always hovering the warning icon.

Expand  / Collapse Nodes

To expand or collapse all treeview nodes, right click on treeview to show the context menu. Click on Expand Nodes or Collapse Node

Rename Operation

See here

Change operation order

See here for user defined operation order , or see here to automatic logical operation sorting.

Delete tree item :

To delete operation or setup item from treeview , you have several modes.

Mode 1 : Select the operation and press the DELETE button.

To select multiple operation , keep pressed the keyboard CTRL button , when selecting the operations with mouse.

Mode 2 : Right click on treeitem and press "Delete Current"

Mode 3 : Select the operation and press [Del] from keyboard.

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