Face Milling

Safe Z : It's the z coordinate where the tool is safe , where it can't collide with anything ( fixture , stock , ..)

Reference Z Plane : Is the reference z coordinate. Usually it's the zero part Z0

Parallel strategy ( traditional ) :

Direction Auto : The direction is calculated automatically

Direction Horizontal : The direction is parallel to X axis

Direction Vertical : The direction is parallel to Y axis

Child operations available

1) Roughing

It process multiple passes in z direction to remove all the material to remove.

The passes depth is determined by the tool cutting data parameter. ( Max Cut Height )

Material to remove : Measured from Reference Z Plane to Z+ direction

Roughing Mode : It's the selected strategy

2) Finishing

It perform the last finish pass on the part face.

Finishing allowance : It's the material left by the roughing operation

3) Chamfering

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