Tool store

In eCam is possible manage tools from tool store dialog.

You can store cut data for a specific stock material kind for the next operation creation, so you don't need to insert the same data again.

One mode to open the tool dialog ,  from Menu > Tools

Another mode to open it is from operation screen.

Another one method is from operation tree view.

It will open this screen :

Tool group

Tool are grouped based on tool type :

- Lathe static tool

- Rotary static tool ( every tool that rotate : drill, tap , end-mill , centre drill , ..)

- Generic cutting tool ( plasma, laser , waterjet )

Based on the selected group filter, the table column list will change accordingly.

 Edit tool geometry

To edit the tool geometry, edit the properties in the tab tool geometry in right side of the window.

You can edit the most common parameter directly in the grid.

Edit cut data

From the [Cut Data] tab you can edit the cutting data parameters.

If you opened the tool store dialog from operation related view, you can't selected the material or open the material kind list.

This is possible if you open the tool dialog from main menu.

To edit the stock material kind , see this article.

Tool holder

With some tool types, you can define also the tool holder, It will be visible the [Holder] tab in case is possible.

Create a sphere or bull mill

To add a sphere or bull mill, open the tool dialog like showed previously in this page.

Select the [Rotary Tools] filter (1)

Select a tool you want to convert or add a "End Mill" (2)

Select the tool geometry tab (3)

Edit the tool diameter and tool radius.

In case you need a sphere tool , insert the tool radius as the half of tool diameter.

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