Clone post processor

If you need to create a new post processor, maybe sometimes is better to clone an existing one and start editing the cloned one.

From machines post folder : 

C:\Users\<user-name>\Documents\ECAM V5\Machine

clone the post file by selecting it and copy / paste it , and rename the newly created file with meaningful machine description.

The file name will be used in software as identifier.

It's suggested to clone the post of the same machine type you are going to create.

If you clone a post of different machine type you need to update also the machine type property of newly created post file.

To do so, open the XML file and edit the property [MachineType], inserting the value indicated in table below.

It's important to copy the exact string in XML file.

Machine Type Value to insert in XML file
Lathe 2 Axis Lathe2Axis
Lathe with Axis C LatheAxisC
Lathe with Axis CY LatheAxisCY
Vertical Mill VerticalMill
Mill with 4th axis Mill4Axis
Mill with 5 axis Mill5Axis
Generic cutting machine GenericCuttingMachine

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