Drilling with C-Axis

In this post is described an example to create radial drilling operation with C-Axis .

From Menu > MILL > Axis-C > Side Drilling > Cylindrical Drilling , see image:

You can choose [Select existing geometry] to link previously created geometry or define drilling position by 3D model.

Or define drill position by [Point coordinate ZC] shape.

Edit the drilling position parameters, 

After parameter edits you can see the updated graphic in 3D viewport. 

Click OK when done.

In the operation screen, with Drilling operation enabled and selected , define this parameters:

- Safe Level > 2mm from Outer stock diameter

- Top Level > From selection top

- Bottom Level > -10 from Top Dia.Level

- Set 5mm as hole diameter .

After you set the hole diameter value , you can see the software update the selected tool looking in the tool database the drill tool with the closest diameter to inputed hole value.

If you set manually the selected tool, the auto tool selection get disabled for the related operation.

You can enable also other operations kind.

In this case enable the [Center drilling] operation.

It will share the same geometry , safe and top level.

You need to edit the bottom level for this operation.

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